Saturday, May 9, 2009

What motivates a fictional private investigator?

Michael Hacker McKaybees is a troubled man.

Those who know him call him Hacker. Most do not know that his legal name is Michael. Back in college, after a stint in the Gulf War, he perfected the art of computer hacking, and while, years later, working with the FBI, uses the skill to aid their search for online predators, human and machine.

Since he received the middle name Hacker at birth, due to an ancient Scottish ancestor, who fought with the Bruce at Bannockburn, known for hacking his opponents using a sword and battleaxe, he feels a strong if distant kinship with the old Scot and drops Michael thereafter. What he did for the FBI was, in his mind, the modern day equivalent of swinging a battleaxe to defeat modern spammers, and pedophiles. Although he needed to sign a statement when he resigned from the Bureau stating he would never again use his hacking skills.

Now caught between the desire to hold onto memories of his deceased mother, and plan a future without the woman he loves, the father he never knew, and believed was dead confronts him unexpectedly. Never having felt anything but a cold loathing for the man, McKaybees is stunned when he steps into his life for the first time in 35 years, and struggles to accept him.

Despite serious effort, McKaybees finds he cannot easily put aside the deep resentment he feels for his father. Yet, fate and criminal intent put them shoulder to shoulder when both stand accused of murdering two men, one of whom is a cop, the other, McKaybees' oldest friend (the plot for Revenge is a Black Promise).

The outcome breeds an alliance that slowly unravels Hacker's conflicted emotions, turning them into a grudging admiration, forgiveness and maybe a little respect.

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