Saturday, May 26, 2012

Headlines headlines read all about it!

Honestly when I see some of the headlines, or should I write "headlines?"

Anyway the real mystery today is why we all don't pull the plug yank out the battery and run screaming down the road "If there is a serial killer around take me now!"

Do the majority of us really want to live vicariously? Or do these um, whatever think if they get a hundred "likes" that means all 900 million users want that and more?

If anyone wonders why I set mysteries in the 1950 I think I may've just answered the question. Of course headlines back then could be just as meaningless just as attention grabbing but you only got a couple a day and that was plenty.

Living life pre-TV was a step up from farm life. At least living in the city was. And if you watch TV like I try to avoid doing, succeeding daily, you get twenty minutes of ads each hour. Life is filled with mysteries, I was told years ago.

Don't recall who said. Did not know what the heck they were talking about and didn't really care. I guess I am finally beginning to get it. Marlowe Black doesn't care either. He just wants answers and some criminal jerk he can shoot if necessary.
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