Sunday, May 3, 2009

An attempted mystery pitch - ugh

Savannah, Georgia born Sue Todd Smith, a disillusioned grade school psychologist, resigns and establishes an agency to locate missing children. With fifteen successes behind her, she moves north with her new boyfriend to New Jersey.

Her first job up north comes when a distraught Jersey mother Cindy McDonald hires her--pro bono as it turns out--to locate her missing daughter Peggy
Sue accepts the job and heads south where the girl's father--a suspected sexual predator--has family.

Within the first 24 hours of her arrival in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Sue fights off an attempted assault with a well-placed knee, and witnesses a savage murder.

Sue learns she has walked into the middle of a drug ring and that 13-year old Peggy McDonald's estranged father's brother, is deeply entrenched with New York organized crime establishing a drug network in the resort community known for its massive motorcycle rallies.

Determined to find the girl, Sue--with the help of an old friend Horry County cop Dwayne Thompson who wants to develop something deeper than friendship with Sue--becomes driven to succeed without Dwayne by her side.

That decision along with clues left by the drug lord who wants to question Sue about the murder she witnessed only makes success less likely when the drug lord's men kidnap Sue, which forces her to accept that her attempt to save Peggy may prove fatal.
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