Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A new vampire's proper wardrobe and that all-important first date.

Several weeks to three months beyond the day of your Turning, life will seem vastly different as will your appearance.

By now, your once supple tanned flesh glows pale under moonlight, may appear slightly translucent and feel like chamois. Not to worry, this is perfectly normal for a new vampire. Consider it the new you, and with time you will learn to appreciate and even value your new look.

In addition, the effect it will have on prey may prove entertaining as you watch their alarm fade into adoration before the Taking. Once you have perfected the art of Mesmerization, their expressions will be full of adulation immediately before they feel a deep sense of love.

Male or female, feel free to dabble in cosmetics, as you did before Turning. However, too much vivid color will look garish, something no self-respecting vampire finds appealing.

As an apprentice vampire, you will discover that normally you will not need a wardrobe different than the one you owned previously. You can put away the sunglasses and of course, you no longer need to worry about sunscreen. As I stated earlier, exposure to direct sunlight means death.

On the occasion that your vampire, or perhaps a guy, or gal vampire you've met since Turning suggests a night on the town, and you feel ready to be seen in a crowd of normals, those poor mortal creatures, it will be your moment to shine.

However, what I'm suggesting will require preparation. The only clothes you may own are those you wore when you Turned, unless you were Turned while assuming sex was eminent and you hastily undressed in anticipation. Either way, shopping is the order of the day, er, night.

Be aware that some store lighting may hurt your eyes if you stare directly into it. Otherwise, assuming you're dressed to begin with, no one will really notice you. So feel free to shop until, well, sunrise, or earlier to be certain you return home safely.

While mixing with mortals you'll learn despite the occasional odd look tossed in your direction, that they'll take for granted you are one of them, but since you're so pale they'll think you must hate sunlight, or don't get outside much.

See how clever mortals can be? Wait until you can mesmerize and then you will so understand rubbernecking (sic).

If you and your date are shopping together, and there is safety in numbers, you might ask his or her opinion about what you intend to purchase, or steal if you are broke. You have a problem with that? Come on, you are dead, and besides who is going to stop you? It's not as if you plan to make a habit of it. Moreover, if you're worrying about going to hell instead of heaven, you need to lie down and think about your new life.

What you cannot do while shopping is use those lovely full length mirrors you once preened in front of while dressing. Since you are dead, you no longer have a reflection. This can become a nuisance if you have a salesclerk hovering nearby, which is why I suggest you shop with a companion. They can distract, and also let you know how you look, and if the colors go well with your new complexion.

By now, you may have discovered that your hair does not grow longer than it was the minute you Turned. So why bother with haircuts? You might need to get a trim so you fit in with current styles. Remember, you'll live centuries if you are intelligent and wary of mortals bearing gifts. Styles do have a way of changing with disgusting regularity.

Until now, I discussed dating another vampire. So, let's make this discussion much more interesting.

You have seen a person you've decided you want to Turn just because you can. Yes, it might be just because you can, or any of several other reasons including my favorite hunger. However, why you do anything now is entirely up to you.

Approach him or her as you would have before you Turned, flirt, and be attentive. Guys: don't act like idiots, women enjoy humor and intelligence, not touchy feely on a first date. Gals: you know already what guys want, um I mean, other than sex. They want you to make them feel more important, needed. Just don't get too weak-kneed. You're about to alter the course of their life permanently, or oops possibly end it.

Buy them drinks, dinner, take them to a show, movie, whatever, and at the end of the night, invite them home, of course. I leave the rest up to you. Just remember to use the same technique with him or her as your vampire used when Turning you.

In addition, remember this important adage, you are what you eat. So, if you take him or her to dinner, skip fast food unless you need more fat in your diet. Wine and dine him or her at an expensive restaurant. Trust me; you'll be happy you did.

Happy dating and good luck with you first Turning!

Next: Proper Vampire etiquette and the all-important, clean-up when a Turning goes too far.
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