Monday, June 1, 2009

Breaking the news after a successful Turning, and finally that first vampire kiss

You were smooth, worked your target with the skill you acquired by watching your Vampire master, and from your recent failed attempts. Despite those failures, you persisted, and now you have succeeded in Turning the man or woman of your dreams.

Eternity beckons you like a lover greeting a returning warrior. After this night, you know you will never walk alone again. Sure, you've had your vampire master lurking in the background to keep you company, but face it, he or she was beginning to creep you out. Your vampire master is centuries older than you and you found it difficult to relate. Now all that changes too.

You sit with his or her head on your lap, watching those once-stunning eyes as the loss of blood drains their color. This doesn't affect your feelings does it? He or she is your first successful Turning. His or her flesh has already bleached, the elasticity tighter, the fingernails glow like mother of pearl.

Carefully, you raise your wrist to his or her mouth, watch as he or she lowers his or her blunt human-like teeth and feebly nips at your flesh. Warm with his or her blood pulsing through you, you press your wrist tight against his or her mouth, and force his or her jaw shut so it tears into you. The blood you just ingested slides like puree into his or her mouth.

A single drop is enough to ignite the vampire life force of energy and now your Turnée drinks with enthusiasm until you force him or her to stop. Don't let it go too far. This is an excellent time to begin training him or her on art of pulling out in time.

Now the Turning is complete. Congratulations! You must feel revitalized, rejuvenated, and ready to conquer your world.

But wait; there is one small detail you must tend to first. Not everyone looked forward to becoming a vampire the way you had. Your gift might not seem as appealing to your Turnée.

"What the hell did you do to me?" your Turnée demands to know, red vampire fire glaring in his or her eyes.

"Made you like me," you reply confidently after swallowing the arousal caused by the sight of his or her rage.

"You did what? What the hell are you?"

"You knew what I was before we dated."

"You mean you really are a vampire? That's stupid. I thought you were joking."

Oh, darn, now what, huh?

"Look in the mirror behind us." You turn your head and point boldly.

"Oh my God, I'm not there." Your Turnée screams, hands gingerly touching the rigid flesh around his or her mouth and eyes. He or she jumps you and if he or she were not mostly drained of blood, the surprise attack might've caused you severe problems. No, you cannot have a heart attack.

Now, you could advise him or her that God was no longer in the equation, but perhaps it is best to wait a day or two. Too many new concepts at once can be confusing.

You should suggest he or she get some rest, sleep off the day and you'll return later. By the time you have, he or she will be famished and the idea of hunting for survival will outweigh all other concerns.

Wait a minute, there is something you're not telling me isn't there. Oh, no, don't say it dude, don't tell me that. You did didn't you. You Turned your mother?!?

What were you thinking? Never, ever, Turn a family member. I do not care how much you miss mom and her home style microwaving, the stocked refrigerator, the slap on the back of the head. You're going to live forever with mom at your side! What were you thinking?

Okay, let's review what happened. You found the guy or girl of your dreams and you Turned him or her. Mom and Dad do not fall into that category. Just because you got along before... oh? What? You didn't and this is revenge? Oh, dude, that is so wrong in so many ways. What kind of revenge is having a raging parent haunting you through eternity?

How can this be fixed?

Next: Dealing with Vampire Hunters. How to use them and how to avoid them.

Dude, you are disgusting. I am totally creeped out! And wipe the blood off your chin.
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