Sunday, May 9, 2010

Future Vision Year 2050

By 2050 or much sooner, computers will program themselves, create architecture; diagnose disease and write patient treatment plans.

Computers will design clothing and all necessities, toys, furniture, etc.; create all entertainment, movies, Sitcoms, e-books, plays, poetry, and new games. Computers will use holographic display for 3D/HD characters and scenery.

Computers will write programming for and program all robotics.

Robots will create robots.

Robots will mine, and process raw materials, cut trees, and create all related products.

Robots will cut, assemble, and sew clothing, shoes, toys, furniture, other necessities, objects for pleasure, buildings, do all factory work.

Robots will perform surgery; fill prescriptions at pharmacies, do physical examinations using laser and other forms of technology.

Robots will plow, seed, tend and reap all food harvests; inseminate, breed, raise, slaughter livestock; fill and deliver grocery orders; cook and prepare ready to eat meals for sale at supermarkets; prepare, cook, serve meals at restaurants.

Robots will remove and process trash and garbage, and perform 100% recycling.

Robots will drive all vehicles used for deliveries and commercial buses, trains, airplanes, subways, taxis. Computers will control smaller family-size and recreational vehicles.

Robots will power and control all space vehicles, shuttles and off-world exploration. Robots will design, build and place new satellites into orbit, remove and recycle outdated equipment and technology.

Robots will build new construction, demolish and remove old structures; design and build all forms of infrastructure, roads, bridges, tunnels, power grids, water, and sewer.

By 2050, nine billion plus humans will walk the earth. Seventy percent or more will reside in mega cities.

Humans will be cerebrally wired for communication and entertainment, receive orders and instructions through personal WIFI.

Viruses, worms, and new forms of disruption will plague the communications network. Computers will write the spyware.

What will humans do? Fight political, religious, ideological wars, and breed to fight more wars? What else remains?

However, robots will do this more efficiently too, faster and with less emotional and physical expense and impact.

Robots do not require salary, vacations, health insurance, sick days, or any benefits. They will work 24/7/365 until they wear out, self-replicate, with improvements and continue.

Without purpose, humanity will be very expendable. Plan ahead, maybe the end really is near. Humanity will not end with a bang, but with a sputtering whimper of lost creation.

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